Shaping crown of the hat

Shaping crown of the hat

For crown shaping, you can use the way you prefer.

Here, I describe the simplest way I often use for my Chunky Beanie hats.

• Decrease one stitch from every purl pair (knit together with the previous knit stitch);

• Knit 4 rows (2 knits, 1 purl);

• Decrease the second purl stitch, knitting it together with the following knit stitch;

• Knit 6 rows in knit stitches;

• K3, k2tog – to the end of the row;

• K2tog to the end of the row;

• Slip the remaining stitches onto a needle and pull tight;

• Hide up the ends of the thread.

Knit your dream with MerinoMeri's yarn :)

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