Supergeelog merino wool

What is the Yarn named 'Supergeelog'

Geelong wool is often characterised as the softest Merino wool in the world. It is obtained from a special breed of Merino sheep bred in the Australian district of Geelong. The yarn is produced using lambs' wool up to 7 months old.

Supergeelong is a variety of Geelong that is compared to cashmere in terms of softness and thermal conductivity. It is an elegant, cosy, and practical material. The yarn is exceptionally soft and delicate, acquiring a slight fuzziness after washing.

The fibres of Supergeelong are shorter than those of combed Merino wool, and therefore they are spun completely differently. The goal is to give the yarn the ability to retain air, making the fabric warmer, more voluminous, and softer. For this purpose, wool fibres are laid in a criss-cross pattern. The resulting fabric will be warm and lightweight, allowing it to fit the body snugly. Supergeelong does not generate static electricity, so there is no need to worry about static in your hair!

What to knit? Anything you want – from blankets and socks for newborn babies to men's sweaters and hats in simple stockinette stitch or complex aran patterns... or trending now Small Shawls and Neck Warmers (Snood).

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