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For Inspiration: Large Knitted Scarf

If you feel like knitting without the hassle of counting stitches for a raglan, for instance, and want to knit and relax, then the best choice would be a large scarf with a simple pattern. I do so :)

Which yarn...

Tweed, of course. :) It's my choice number one.

Delicate colours of Alpakid (alpaca & kid mohair at the same thread) as a mix or stripes.

Or let the cat hug you by Angora

Or this airy yarn with mohair Bel-Air in different colours.

Or chocolate yarn like KatherineCrystal

and so on... Any yarn from the MerinoiMeri store (even socks yarn, why not...) is suitable for implementing your most incredible projects and preferences. 

Large knitted scarves are a practical addition to the autumn - the spring wardrobe and a symbol of comfort and style. A source of inspiration for many fashion enthusiasts is the article 'A Blanket Scarf Is Your Quickest – And Cosiest – Route To Autumn Chic' in Vogue magazine. It emphasises these accessories' functionality and ability to transform an outfit, adding a unique charm.

Do you remember Lenny Kravitz's large knitted scarf? His famous look with an enormous blanket-like scarf accentuates his individuality and has become an object of admiration and inspiration for many fashion followers.

Knitted scarves provide warmth on cold autumn and winter days and offer endless opportunities for creative experimentation with one's look. They can be worn as scarves, ponchos, shawls, or even blankets while travelling.

Their huge size allows for numerous styling variations, adding variety to an everyday look. Bold knots, casually draping over the shoulders, or neatly wrapped around the neck — each technique gives a unique appearance and emphasises individuality.

A large knitted scarf is not just an accessory; it's an opportunity to express one's style and feel comfortable while enveloped in a soft, warm, checkered, or patterned wrap. They have become integral to many wardrobes, adding charm and uniqueness to everyday outfits.

Knit your dream with MerinoMeri's yarn!


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