For customers

We are happy that you chose the store of high-quality Italian yarn MerinoMeri. Everything we do here is to bring your projects to life in the magical world of knitting and crocheting.

We would like you to know that we do our best to present information on this website in the best way. At the same time, please remember that some modern digital devices are the non-identity of colour representation. We realise this is important to our customers, so we strive for the best representation of colour according to the physical original. The name of the colour is indicated as specified by the yarn manufacturer, sometimes with some clarification of the tone by us. For example, if the manufacturer suggested "blue", and we believe that clarification is important, then we indicate "blue pastel". 

We inform our customers we use verified scales for weighing yarn. 

Important! Small and large bobbins are on sale. The minimum purchase is indicated for each reel individually in the box Quantity. Some bobbins are sold only whole. Orders less than a whole bobbin are non-refundable because these kinds of orders are prepared individually by unrolling the yarn to a ball weighing 50 or 100 grams.

We also want to let you know that the weight of the yarn can fluctuate within 3-5% or even more. It depends on the humidity of the environment, seasons, and the composition of the yarn.

We are fans of yarn and each article is unique. When you prefer completely natural yarn, you choose the ecology side, understanding that such thread will not be as strong as yarn containing acrylic, polyamide or derivative materials and vice versa.

Before starting the main knitting, MerinoMeri recommends knitting the sample with different numbers of needles to choose the density you need for your project and wash it how you plan to do it in the future.

Attention! The more valuable the components are in the yarn, the more careful it requires. We mean hand washing with special detergents and dry flat.

Before buying yarn in our store, please read the important information at the bottom of the page - Private Policy, Return and Refund Policy, Terms of Service, and Shipping Policy.