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So, legwarmers. I've always wanted legwarmers. It used to be unclear where and what to wear them with. But Finland is perfect for this accessory. As you know, I'm a fan of tweed (What is tweed yarn? - here). So, of course, the first legwarmers in my life are knitted with tweed yarn. And they are grey. They were such strict and stylish and tweedy in my imagination and they were waiting for their time :).

Instruction for knitting of legwarmers

Yarn. Any yarn from the MerinoMeri store can be used to knit legwarmers.

The suggested instruction is for tweed Tibet. All three colours (grey dark, blue, natural) will give an excellent combination for lovers of multicoloured ornaments. Those who do not want to bother with complex ornaments can use yarn of the same article in different colours to create a "striped leg". This accessory will look very stylish with yarns of different yarn articles. You will get stripes of different structures, giving your legwarmers a unique look.

The yarn consumption is 110 grams. Depending on the size of your legs, the recommended amount of yarn is 100 - 200 grams for tweed Tibet.

Pattern 1. Knit two, purl two (elastic 2x2).

Pattern 2. Knit.

Pattern 3. Hollow elastic

Sock needles #4.

Dimensions: ankle circumference - 23 cm, wide part of the shin - 37 cm, length - 38 cm.

Cast on 52 sts, close the knitting into a circle, marking the beginning of the row with your favourite marker.

Knit 60 rows in pattern 1.

Knit 18 rows in pattern 2.

Add 2 sts at the beginning of the row. Make the same additions 2 more times after 10 rows.

Add 2 sts 3 times in every seventh row.

Then make decreases in every seventh row 4 times.

Knit 2 rows.

Knit 4 rows of hollow elastic.

Knit 30 rows in pattern 2 and close the stitches as shown.

You can make additions and subtractions quite randomly, not at the beginning of the row.

If you want to knit legwarmers for a thicker leg or vice versa, you will have to add more or less loops at the beginning of the knitting but keep the rhythm of additions and subtractions the same. 

Now you've realised how easy it is 😊

Now it's essential to wash your legwarmers gently with a special laundry detergent. The water temperature is not cold or hot, just comfortable for your hands. Leave your legwarmers in the soapy water for 10-15 mins. Do not squeeze or wring out, please. Just stir gently. Like a dough)). Everyone wants to feel the love. Your legwarmers, including 😊 Delete out excess water with a bath towel and put horizontally until finally drying up.

Enjoy the moment of incredible yarn transformation after washing!

Feel free to change the design of your legwarmers. Your legwarmers can have only one lapel at the top or the bottom. They can have no lapels at all. They can be longer or shorter. Remember that knitting is creative. So don't ignore the prompts of your heart and soul. Just enjoy the process with MerinoMeri yarn!

Let's Knit your Dream with MerinoMeri!

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