Why is Yarn Called Sock Yarn?

Why is Yarn Called Sock Yarn?

Sock yarn is used for knitting socks and other products that need to be durable, comfortable and warm. Sock yarn usually has a special structure that gives finished products high strength and elasticity. It also has excellent thermal insulation, which makes socks knitted from this yarn an ideal choice for the winter season.

Sock yarn is made from various materials such as wool, cotton, acrylic, polyamide and other synthetic or blended fibres. The sock yarn must be hardwearing and washable to keep the socks solid and durable.

Knitting socks can be a fun hobby, and choosing the right sock yarn can help you create comfortable, warm, and stylish socks for various weather conditions. But it may well be used for knitting sweaters, vests, and mittens, which will be easy to care for but more durable. Choose your sock yarn with MerinoMery!

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