What is Tweed Yarn?

What is Tweed Yarn?

Discover the unique texture and distinctive style offered by our collection of tweed yarn. Tweed is an incredible blend of fibres that imparts your creations an elegant and unparalleled look.

Tweed yarn gained popularity in the early 19th century. It was produced from coarse wool, blended with different colours and textures, creating a unique "melange" effect. Tweed yarn was known for its durability and excellent protection against wind and cold, making it ideal for crafting sturdy and warm garments.

Its worldwide fame owes much to Harris Tweed, a Scottish textile magnate who began mass-producing tweed fabrics on the Isle of Harris in Scotland in the mid-19th century. Tweeds boasted high quality, and their colour combinations became a source of inspiration for many fashion designers.

According to fashion history, tweed yarn gained popularity in the 20th century thanks to style icons like Coco Chanel. She integrated tweed into her collections, presenting it as a symbol of understated chic and elegance.

Today, tweed yarn is produced from wool and other materials like cotton, viscose, and synthetic fibres, expanding its applications. If initially, tweed yarn was dark and monotone, with advances in processing technology, it acquired more refined colours while retaining its main feature - thickening and flecks.

Currently, tweed yarn is manufactured in Scotland, Italy, Peru, and other countries. Tweed suits various projects, from cozy sweaters, skirts, and coats to stylish accessories like hats, scarves, mittens, and gloves.

Be inspired by tweed yarn and bring your ideas to life with the help of needles and MerinoMeri!

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