Viscose in Yarn

Positive & Negative Aspects of Viscose in Yarn

Viscose is an artificial fibre from natural sources like wood pulp, bamboo, or cotton. It possesses qualities similar to natural fibres like cotton and wool.

Positive aspects of viscose in yarn:

  1. Softness and silkiness: Viscose yarn is often pleasant to the touch and can be used to create soft and comfortable items.
  2. Sheen: Viscose can impart a shiny and glossy appearance to the yarn.
  3. Drape: It has excellent drape, making it suitable for making dresses and other garments.

Negative aspects of viscose in yarn:

  1. Shrinkage tendency: Viscose yarn can shrink after washing, requiring careful handling and adherence to care instructions.
  2. Moisture absorption: It can absorb moisture, making it less suitable for certain types of items.
  3. Loss of shape: Items made from viscose yarn may lose shape or stretch over time.

Thus, viscose in yarn can be a positive addition, providing softness and sheen, but it also has limitations that should be considered when selecting a material for a specific project.

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