Choose Yarn with MerinoMeri

Let's Choose Yarn with MerinoMeri

The yarn choice depends on various factors, including the project you plan to knit, your personal experience, and preferences. Here are some essential aspects to consider when choosing yarn:

Project Type: Different types of yarn suit different projects. For instance, wool is excellent for creating warm items, while cotton and linen work well for summer garments.
Yarn Weight (Thickness): Yarn weight defines the texture and appearance of the item. Each yarn is categorised by its thickness, ranging from fine to bulky.
Composition: Yarn can be made from various materials — wool, cotton, acrylic, alpaca, silk, viscose, cashmere, mohair, angora, etc. Each material has its unique characteristics.
Budget: Yarn prices can vary significantly. Determine your budget and choose yarn within that price range.
Colour and Pattern: Consider the colour range and the pattern you want to create. Some yarns offer various colours, which is crucial for complex patterns.

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