Bobbins Italian Surplus Yarn from Industry

Advantages of Bobbin Yarn

Continuous Thread: Bobbin yarn is supplied on bobbins or spools, allowing you to knit without the need to periodically change yarn skeins. This reduces the number of joins and knots in your work, simplifying the process.

Cost-Efficiency: Bobbin yarn typically comes in larger quantities compared to skeins, meaning you don't need to buy as many skeins for large projects. This can save you money and time on purchasing and replacing yarn.

Fewer Breaks: The need for less frequent skein changes and longer threads on bobbins reduces the likelihood of random yarn breaks while knitting.

Ease of Storage: Bobbin spools with yarn are easy to store and organize, helping you maintain order in your workspace.

Less Waste: Knitting with bobbin yarn generates less waste because you don't need to discard yarn leftovers from skeins.

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