Knitting snood (Neck Warmer) with MerinoMeri

Knitting the Most Comfortable Snood (Neck Warmer) with MerinoMeri

What is a Snood or Neck Warmer? It's not a sweater yet, but it's not a scarf either :).
I researched the issue concerning comfort and concluded it should have the shape of a trapezoid in cross-section, not a rectangle. The ideal height of a snood is in the range of 30-40 cm at most. Depends on the size of your beautiful neck and your preferences. 

Instruction for knitting Snood (Neck Warmer) - free for customers

So let's take Soffilo yarn from the MerinoMeri store, ring needles #4 and enjoy the process. The yarn is so marvellous that it does not require complicated patterns. It's just stockinette.

The weight of the finished snood at my knitting density is 59 grams.

1. Сast on 80 loops +1 loop for joining into a ring. Mark your favourite marker corresponding to your mood, the beginning of the row, and knit 1 row of ribbing (K1 P1 rib)  and 24 rows of stockinette, admiring the even loops of this wonderful yarn.

2. In the 25th row, add four loops evenly. 

3. After 17 rows, add another 4 sts, distributing the additions evenly along the row. 

4. After 6 rows, add 8 loops evenly along the row. 

5. Repeat the identical additions of 8 loops after 15, 8 and 7 rows. 

6. Knits a couple of rows without additions, and if you are satisfied with the height of the snood, close all the loops in a convenient way for you.

7. And now - the mystery of washing with a special laundry detergent the finished snood. The water temperature is not cold or hot, just comfortable for your hands. Leave your snood in the soapy water for 10-15 mins. Do not squeeze or wring out, please. Just stir gently. Delete excess water with a bath towel and put it horizontally until it dries up.

Enjoy the moment of incredible yarn transformation after washing!

Feel free to change the design of your snood, adding, for example, a couple of arans or others as you wish. Your snood can be longer or shorter. Remember that knitting is the creative process. So don't ignore the prompts of your heart and soul. Just enjoy the process with MerinoMeri yarn.

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