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History of Raglan Knitting

The history of raglan knitting spans several centuries and includes the evolution of this technique in the textile industry. Here is a brief history of raglan knitting:

  1. 19th Century: The term "raglan" derives from Lord Raglan, a British general during the Crimean War (1853-1856). General Raglan was known for his fashionable uniform, with sleeves that started from the collar and extended to the bottom without a shoulder seam. This uniform served as inspiration for the creation of the raglan cut-in clothing.

  2. 20th Century: Raglan sleeves became popular in fashion in the early 20th century. Their comfort and freedom of movement made them attractive for sportswear and everyday clothing.

  3. Contemporary Times: Over time, the raglan cut firmly established itself in fashion and became an integral part of the wardrobe. Raglans are used to create various types of clothing, including sweaters, cardigans, T-shirts, dresses, and much more.

  4. Variety of Styles: With the development of the textile industry and design, today, you can find countless styles and variations of the raglan cut. The raglan has become a versatile clothing element from sporty sweaters to elegant dresses.

The raglan cut remains relevant and popular due to its comfortable fit and stylish appearance. It continues evolving and adapting to modern fashion trends, providing various options to create comfortable and stylish clothing.

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